10 Easy Steps For A Fresh And Radiant Face According To Korean Skincare Routine

Korean skin care

Healthy and radiant Korean skin is so famous in the world that caused to produce many skincare products based on the Korean skincare method.

Paying attention to the beauty and health of the skin is an ancient culture in Korea. They believe a healthy lifestyle and using the right products in the right way is important for a truly radiant complexion which doesn’t happen in one day! So, the Korean skincare concentrates on maintaining a healthy, well-hydrated, and nourished skin environment for results that last a lifetime.

Here we are going to introduce the Korean skincare routine. Generally, This routine is divided into four parts: Clean and washing, Preparation, Nourish, and Protection.

Step 1: Oily Cleansers

Korean women clean their faces (even if they don’t have makeup!) with oily cleansers which used for removing makeup, sebum, sun cream, or other pollutions. Every morning and night, apply oily cleansers and massage your face slowly from the center to outer and down to up till removing all makeup, then rinse your face with lukewarm water.

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Step 2: Water-Based Cleansers

Following a water-based cleanser removes any remaining residue and leaves the skin supple. The important point is choosing a proper formula cleanser according to your skin type. Consult your dermatologist to find a good cleanser.

Apply to your damp face and neck. Massage circular and then rinse with lukewarm water.


Hydrating Facial Cleanser


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Step 3: Face Scrubs & Exfoliators

Both the physical and chemical exfoliators clean pores and slough off dead skin cells for visibility brighter & smoother skin. Also, this action helps your other skincare products absorb and work more efficiently. You can use exfoliators 2 or 3 times per week. Apply and massage circularly especially on the T-zone and pores. Don't use it around your eyes. Rinse with lukewarm water and dry with a cotton vowel gently tapping.

Microdermabrasion Facial Scrub

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Remove stubborn blackheads, cleanse and minimize pores, exfoliate dull/dead skin cells and moisturize to the base of your skin with each wash.

Step 4: Preparation With Toner

Korean toners differ from other toners because theyโ€™re meant to hydrate, moisturize, and balance your skinโ€™s pH level after cleansing. Natural toners are used in Korean skincare instead of chemical toners. Such as which ones based on aloe, rose water, milk, and honey.

Use a cotton pad to swipe all across your face to the upside or pat gently into your skin using your hands.

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Step 5: Essences

Though formulated with varying viscosities, essences tend to be a bit more fluid and less concentrated than serums. Their main purpose is to moisturize the skin and make the most of the serums that follow. Think of your skin as a sponge: once itโ€™s plumped up with water, everything else absorbs more easily.

How to use? Sprinkle into hands and lightly pat into face and neck

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Step 6: Treatment

Boosters, serums, and ampoules are the ultimate skin perfectors. Packed with powerhouse ingredients, they target specific skin concerns such as acne, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation.

You can customize your regimen here, adding or removing products as you see fit. You can use them in any order.

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Step 7: Sheet Mask

If essences are the heart of the Korean skincare routine, sheet masks are the soul. The key to sheet masks is the sheet, which when in prolonged contact with your face allows the skin to fully absorb the nutrients and moisture. Plus, they promote the quiet, meditative ritual of relaxation.


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Step 8: Eye Cream

The skin around your eyes is the thinnest and most delicate on your face, and regularly using an intensive eye cream can keep dark circles, puffiness, and crowโ€™s-feet at bay. Eye creams are concentrated with beneficial ingredients and formulated to be extra gentle and non-irritating.

How to use it? Use your pinky to gentle tap (never rub!) around the entire orbital bone, avoiding the water line

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Step 9: Moisturizers in Korean Skincare

A moisturizer designed for your skin type creates a barrier that will lock in all the beneficial ingredients youโ€™ve just applied, instead of letting them evaporate out of your skin. They come in many forms (emulsion, lotion, gel, cream, and sleeping mask) and seal in moisture to plump up the skin and smooth fine lines.

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Step 10: Sunscreen or Night Cream

Sun protectors and moisturizers are in the 4th and the last part of Koreans skincare named Protection

You should always wear sunscreen, even if youโ€™ll be inside most of the day. Itโ€™s the easiest and most effective way to prevent premature aging (and skin cancer!). They protect the skin from damaging UV rays.

Sunscreen should be your last step so it can shield your skin without being diluted by additional products. This step is for the morning skincare routine. For the night before sleep, the moisturizers (or night cream special for +40) are the last step.

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Korean Skincare Routine

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