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Casual wear is an informal, relaxing, and unconcerned style that can be used for day to day style and informal places. The history of casual style shows us it comes from the western. So, for a long time, it was known as a western-style.

Where I Can Wear Casual Dress Code?

For vacation, camping, friendly or family meeting, shopping, and even for work you can choose casual wear but what kind of casual code is important!

Which Type of Casual Styles?

There are 3 types of casual styles that each one has its special features.

1) Business Casual

Business casual is for a professional work environment, without the suit and tie for men or high heels and formal blazer & skirt for women.

Business Casual

2) Smart Casual

Smart casual is a combination of professional and informal attire, usually accented by a blazer and more casual shoes. This type is a less formal extension to business casual. While business casual is used for the office, smart casual is for everything outside of it. You can wear a plain, toned-down t-shirt for smart casual, any shirt that has a print of some sort is more of a casual look, not smart casual.

Smart Casual for women
Smart Casual men's outfit

3) Informal Casual for Everyday

Casual, of course, is your most relaxed look. It isn’t necessarily as simple as wearing whatever you want. If you receive an invitation that reads “casual attire,” you probably shouldn’t show up in gym clothes. For our purposes, “casual” means no pretense of formality.

This type is a good choice for shopping, walking, go camping and other places that you prefer to be very comfortable and hassle-free.

Informal Casual style
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