7 Hot News From Milan Fashion Week

Milan fashion week Spring Summer 2021

The current issue even influences on all fashion weeks. As fresh air in fashion’s lungs, Milan Fashion Week has held to present spring/summer 2021 collections under the special circumstances. So, some brands and designers have presented their collections in a different and unusual manner to decrease the risk of health disease.

Digital show -like a story in the form of a short film-, live show without any guest or with few guests and using puppets instead of real models are the ways that had been used by fashion brands.

We chose the 7 hottest news from Milan Fashion Week. Let’s see what did happen there.

Friendship with Technology

Because the journalists and fashion enthusiasts could not travel internationally for this fashion week, the fashion world made its relationship closer to the world of technology. Internet and video communication through a variety of communication software and social networks were simple and, of course, inexpensive solutions that were extremely effective and useful.
Fendi created a “digital front row” that allowed its VIP guests to zoom in, taking a screenshot, and rotate the camera as they want. For Salvatore Ferragamo’s collection presentation, select editors and influencers were sent virtual reality glasses with a set of special instructions so they could view the show as if they were really there.

Creativity for Presentation

With all problems, it caused creative limitations at least for the fashion shows. Like the masterpiece of Jeremy Scott for Moschino’s SS21 collections. He used marionettes instead of real models. We talked in details about this collection before.

Jeremy Scott Surprised Us With Adorable SS21 Marionettes Show

Jeremy Scott - Moschino's ss21 collections

Capacity Utilizing of Social Networks

Maison Marjola, the French luxury fashion house, showed off its Spring and Summer 21 collection in a 6-minute video film on Instagram and YouTube.

Realistic Fashion Brands

Another thing that was noticed and admired at Milan Fashion Week was the use of luxury brands such as Fendi and Etro in plus-size models instead of the usual standard models. Also, the Versace brand used 3 plus-size models in its fashion show for the first time. The fashion world probably came to the conclusion that not all people should be the size of a mannequin, and naturally, there are people of different sizes!

plus-size models in Milan Fashion Week

Creativity in Stage design, Make-up and HairStyle

Versace presented Spring/Summer Collection 21 – Versace Police – that inspired by “Under The Sea. The runway stage is a simulated town under the sea full of historical symbols. This show didn’t have guests and viewers but Versace employees who were negative for current infection set on the front row. Also, the model’s wet hairstyle and shiny makeup were so attractive that seems they were really under the sea!

Versace Spring/Summer Collection 21 Versace Police

Back To Nature

Recently One of the hot topics is about “Back To Nature”. It’s a statement to attention to the beauty of nature more than before. Seeing clear water and luxuriant leaves where you’ve never seen them before looked sensational. Valentino Spring/summer 2021 show was full of inspiration of nature; flowers, leaves, water, and all the natural colors.

Valentino Spring/summer 2021

Trending Model Instead of Trending Collection

Nicole Potoralski walked on the runway for the BOSS. Nicole is Brad Pitt’s girlfriend, a Hollywood superstar. The name of this model was not well known. But after appearing in the Boss fashion show, the news headline was dedicated to introducing Brad Pitt’s new partner instead of introducing the Boss brand collection.

Brad Pitt's girlfriend, Nicole Potoralski

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