Smart Fashion Accessories | 5 Fashionable & Stylish Tech Accessories

Fashionable & Stylish Tech Accessories

If somebody asks you to mention smart fashion accessories the one and only maybe the smartwatches. But now technology has progressed in fashion beyond our imagination.

In addition to the role of technology in the fashion production path, there are many fashion technological accessories and clothes too, for those types of users who want their gadgets to be as much a fashion statement as they are functional.

Have Smart Fashion with Invisawear Smart Jewelry

There are so many wondering smart jewelry in gold, silver, platinum even with gemstones or diamonds. Smart jewelry is a really great way of combining fashion accessories and technology. These fashionable products are very diverse for the kinds of usage that we will need in our life.

Invisawear gold smart necklace is one of them that every person and especially all kids need it. This necklace could save your life. When you double press the backside of the charm, it instantly sends a text message with your GPS location to five people to let them know you need help, even 911 which is optional. It uses Bluetooth Low energy and works with a free app that you install on your phone.

I honestly suggest that this is a very luxurious and necessary accessory especially as a gift, for anyone you love.

Smart Jewelry – Personal Safety Device


This necklace could save your life. When you double press the back side of the charm, it instantly sends a text message with your GPS location to five people to let them know you need help.

Bose Frame

Bose Frame is audio sunglasses that connect to Bluetooth-enabled devices like smartphones. It has speakers hidden in the temples the nearer place to the ears and also in the microphone is embedded.

These frames look just like any other sunglasses fitted with polarised lenses. Bose Frame are in many different designs that you can match them with your style.

Bose Frames Soprano


Cat Eye Bluetooth sunglasses — Finished in High-Gloss Black, Bose Frames Soprano style combine retro glam, playful stylings, and ultramodern materials.

Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch Active 2

Be modern, pay once, and wear in a different style!
Just by purchasing a smartwatch, you can change the face and match it with your style while you didn't need to have too many watches. Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone then you'll able to access the internet, send a text message, GPS navigation, and calendar synchronization.

Also, this fashionable gadget acts as a healthy product with its advanced sensors. For example, when you're exercising, it reports the number of calories, your heartbeats, and in some cases your body temperature. So, it's amazing to reach your fitness goals by getting more healthy information about your body action.

Galaxy Watch Active

Samsung Electronics

Comfortably sleek the Galaxy Watch Active2 is light enough to wear anywhere comfortably; It comes in aluminum or stainless steel and with a variety of faces, bands and finishes so it goes with anything

Pendali Wireless Earbuds

Do you have a problem with your headphone during running or any physical activity? if your look is important for you, headphones are not so stylish either. But fashion stylist suggests you Wireless Earbuds. they are tiny, very comfortable, light and so stylish which come with a beautiful charging case easy to carry

Pendali Wireless Earbuds are compatible with iOS as well as Android system. There are touch control buttons on the Bluetooth earbuds so that you can play and pause music, adjust the volume, skip tracks, answer and end calls and activate the voice control of your phone with one simple operation on the Bluetooth headset. Noise cancellation is another of its feature that makes music clear and powerful, a built-in microphone to suppress noise and ambient noise during phone calls, make your call more comfortable and clearer.

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Wireless Earbuds


Waterproof Earbuds TWS Stereo Headphones with Portable Charging Case, LED Battery Display, Touch Control, in-Ear Earphones Headset for Sport/Travel/Gym

Smart Anti-Lost Wallet

Have you ever lost your wallet? It's clear at that time you wish to find the wallet because of money, credit cards, or other stuff.

Technology came to help you! Smart LB Wallet connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. When you lost it, you can find it easily by alarm or see its location. In addition, if you lost the phone Double click the button on the wallet, even if the phone is set to mute or vibration, it will make an alarm tone and you can find it.

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Anti-Lost Wallet

Smart LB

Smart Find, Anti Lost, Location Record, Remote Photographing. Make your life more intelligent and more convenient.

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