Which Celebrities Have Their Own Beauty Cosmetics Line?

Celebrity Beauty Brand

However, there are too many cosmetic products today, celebrities use their popularity to launch beauty cosmetics, fragrance, or health care products. 

Also, because of their reputation, they try to produce their products in high quality. We’re going to talk about celebrities’ beauty brands. 

Rihanna: Fenty Beauty 

Rihanna: Fenty Beauty

Rihanna created Fenty Beauty which launched on September 8, 2017. The cosmetic brand is popular for its broad inclusivity across skin tones and gender, especially its Pro Filt’R foundation. So, don’t worry about finding the proper foundation and concealer according to your skin type or skin undertone. In addition, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, and lip glow are the other popular Fenty cosmetic.  

In July 2020, Rihanna announced that she was launching a skincare brand called “Fenty Skin”.  

Fenty Beauty is available online or in store in over 15 countries. 

Matte Longwear Foundation


gives skin an instantly smooth, pore-diffused, shine-free finish that easily builds to medium to full coverage.

Cosmetic Line by Lady Gaga: Haus Lab 

Haus Lab is a vegan and cruelty-free cosmetic brand launched on September 17, 2019, by American singer Lady Gaga. Haus means house in German. 

It is the first major beauty line to launch exclusively on Amazon, released in nine countries including the UK, US, France, Japan, and Germany. The first products included lip liner, lip gloss, and liquid-to-powder shimmer. 

Before Haus Lab official release as a cosmetic brand, it launched two fragrances. First, one named Lady Gaga Fame and the second one is Eau de Gaga. 

This matt Blush with a shiny highlighter is one of the best and in loved Haus Lab products. 

Highlighter & Blush


HEAD RUSH BLUSH DUO | HEAT SPELL BRONZER DUO, Highlighter Cheek Duos Available in Multiple Colors, True-Color Matte Blush or Powder Matte Bronzer, Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Selena Gomez: Rare Beauty 

Selena Gomez: Rare Beauty

on February 4, 2020, Selena Gomez announced her own beauty brand, Rare Beauty, is going to lunch soon.  

Selena Gomez described her products as: "These products aren't about being someone else, it's about being who you are, whether that's rocking a full face of bold makeup or barely any makeup at all. Makeup is something to enjoy, it's not something you need. I want every person to feel beautiful exactly as they are." 

The full line includes 14 categories such as a touch-up kit with refillable powder and blotting papers, a matte liquid eyeliner, eight shades of tinted lip balm, 12 shades of matte lip color, eight liquid highlighters, eight liquid blush shades, eight shades of a dual-ended brow pencil and gel, three tools, an illumining primer, a multi-tasking face mist and 48 shades each of both foundation and liquid concealer. 

Liquid Blush

Rare Beauty

A weightless, long-lasting liquid blush that blends and builds beautifully for a soft, healthy flush.

Jennifer Lopez: JLo Beauty 

Jennifer Lopez also introduced her own cosmetics brand named J.Lo Beauty. Cosmetics and skincare, including moisturizers, cleansers, soaps, gels, lotions, serums, masks, and both face and body creams which are lunching by the music icon soon.

in addition, women's fragrance, Still Jennifer Lopez, is one of the most popular fragrance brands introduced in 2003 by this celebrity. 

Live Parfum Spray


Live Jennifer Lopez for Women 3.4 oz. Eau de Parfum Spray

Victoria Beckham: Victoria Beckham Beauty 

Victoria Beckham: Victoria Beckham Beauty

Victoria Beckham, a British Fashion designer, with Sarah Creal created the Victoria Beckham Beauty brand. 

According to the Victoria Beckham website, this cosmetic is committed to being transparent and sustainably focused. Every product contains only what’s needed for high-performance results and is free from mineral oil, petroleum, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, cyclic silicones, and synthetic fragrance. 

Victoria's personal style and her special makeup, smoky eye shadow with nude lipstick, are very popular and many people followed her style. 

Matte Bronzer

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham Matte Bronzer Java Sun 0.42 oz
Natural-looking finish that helps you achieve striking definition when worn just beneath the cheekbones.

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