5 Amazing Fall Trends 2020

Fashion Fall Winter Trends 2020

By looking at all fashion weeks, we can find the fall trends for 2020. The first impressions of fall trends are the comfort and cozy styles on top of all trends.

After the beginning of the quarantine, many people are forced to return to their job or any other places outside of their home with special and complicated conditions. So, more comfortable clothes and accessories have entered the formal environment to obtain safety and mental comfort to some extent.

Leather blazer, blanket dressing, patchwork, colored leather gloves, socks with sandals, suit skirt tailored, shag overcoat, and horse-riding boots are the most item which has seen on runways & street styles for fall 2020.

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Leather Blazer As A Fall Trend

Is it enough to say a leather blazer is everything for style? You cannot imagine how perfect it is for a chic or even casual style. Leather coats and blazers, especially in black, can match with most of the items in a personal style. I like to wear it with dark blue jeans, long brown leather boots, and a brown belt. However, there isn’t any limitation on how to wear a leather coat.

Shag Clothes

One of the warmest and coziest clothes or accessories is made of the shag and we will see them more than before. We saw shag in fall/winter 20-21 collections of Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and Stella McCartney. One of the attractive items for fall trend 2020 is fur shoes. In the past, we were wearing fur sandals only at home but now using them in our outside style is so cool!

Horse Riding Woman

Women in horse riding style are showing their charm & power. Some fashion brands such as Channel, Hermes & Victoria Beckham have horse riding inspired clothes like long boots, leather pants, and even safety hats. I can't choose only one thing. I want all of the items in horse riding style especially long boots with a horse riding cap!

Blanket Dressing or Capes

‌As I said, most of the fall 2020 trends are so cozy. Even though blanket dressing and capes are so simple, minimal, and comfortable but they can be used in the casual and formal style. Warm capes made of wool or cashmere make your style so hot! Don't miss this fall 2020 trend.

Colorful Leather Gloves

Rainy and cold weather in autumn forces every stylish person to wear leather gloves. It's good news to know leather Opera Gloves, as a classic item, is the fall 2020 trend. In addition, leather gloves will not become out dated fashion; so it's necessary to have them.

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