Kamala Harris; The First Vice President Of The United States Who Speaks With Her Style

Kamala Harris Style

President-elect, Joe Biden has elected Kamala Harris as the vice president. So, Kamala Harris is the first woman, the first Asian-American and the first African-American, as well as the first non-white to become the vice president of the United States.

From now on, we will hear her name more than ever. Let’s take a look at the style of the vice president-elect of the United States to see what she wants to say in fashion language.

Kamala Harris’s mother was Indian. But apart from her skin tone, there is no sign of Indian culture and lifestyle. Despite the fact that Indians use bright colors and many gold accessories in their styles, Kamala Harris shows no interest in them. She chooses dark or neutral colors instead of sharp and warm colors, such as red and yellow.

The Democratic vice president of the United States

There is no lots of variety in the styles of the vice president. She uses a lot of repetitive items. Even we look at her style from the past to the present, we feel that she has kept many clothes and accessories in his wardrobe since the beginning of her professional life.

The dominant style of women politicians follows the classic-formal such as tailored skirt-suit, midi, knee-length, or cocktail dress. Unlike them, Harris wears pantsuits, mid heel shoes, and even sneakers.

This ordinary fashion style for such a character shows her power to do something new, to show there should be no difference between female political power and male political power.

Joe Biden & Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris exactly knows what she should wear in different situations. At very formal events, she wears formal trouser suit, skirt-suits along with simple or pussy bow shirts and pump shoes. For example, when she accepted the Democratic nomination in August; she appeared in an Altuzarra suit and Irene Neuwirth pearl necklace.

Kamala Harris Democratic nomination

But at informal events, public meetings, or public festivals Harris chooses informal items for a casual style like a cotton coat, jeans, sneakers – especially her favorite All-Stars shoes – to show that she is the same as people and she wants to create a friendly atmosphere.

The Vice president-elect wore a Bedazzled Rainbow Jacket and white skinny jeans to Pride day of 2019. Also, she chose a black shirt along with black Converse at the Kidstock Music and Arts Festival in June 2011.

Kamala Harris casual style

As for jewelry, her many varieties of pearl earrings and pearl necklaces – black, white, multi-stranded – have been a constant presence in her working wardrobe since she was a law student. We have seen her black pearl necklace many times.

Kamala Harris Jewelry

Like the other women politicians, she is not interested in long hair too and she has kept her hair color natural with just dark brown lowlight. Also, since she was young, she has not made noticeable changes in her short haircut and blow-dry hair brushing. However, this layered short hairstyle with a front crook layer that covers her forehead a little, is the best hairstyle for Kamala Harris’s face shape.

Kamala Harris portrait

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