10 Valuable & Essential Tips For Haircare In Fall And Winter

Haircare in cold weather

Surely you have unpleasant experiment with your hair in the dry and cold weather of autumn and winter. Dry, messy, coarse, and static hair, itchy scalp, and dandruff are some of the annoying problems that are common in cold weather. So it’s better to add some special routine to your haircare program.

There are many reasons that cause such problems for hair. Generally, intermittent cooling and warming of the hair, which inevitably occurs in Winter/Fall, causes dehydration of the hair shaft and moisture of the scalp. In other words, when you enter a warm environment like home from the outside with cold weather, or when you put on a warm wool hat and then take it off, you are actually warming and cooling your hair.

As mentioned, this is unavoidable in winter, but with hair care methods in autumn and winter, you can easily prevent and even treat injuries such as stagnant electricity and an itchy scalp.

The following tips about hair-care in cold weather are very simple that you can do them at home easily, and the results will surprise you because they will be much better than the clinical treatments.

1) Use Moisturizers

Warming and cooling hair in dry and cold weather cause the loss of moisture from the hair shafts and scalp. These two events lead to breakage and hair loss, scalp itching, and dandruff.

You can keep your hair moisturized and even more fresh and shiny easily. To do this, just add a few drops of oil to your shampoo. The amount of oil should be according to hair volume.

The second way is massaging your hair shaft with a little oil after washing your hair while it’s slightly damp. Do it very light and slowly. Coconut, bitter almond, argan, jojoba, and olive oils are some of the best hydrating oils for hair.

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2) Choose a Proper Shampoo

There are so many different hair shampoos on the market that you should choose the best one according to your hair type.

In autumn and winter, the hair becomes drier, so you should change the routine shampoo. Therefore, mild shampoos for oily to normal hair and shampoos for dry hair are suitable for dry and brittle hair. Make sure your shampoo is sulfate-free.

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3) wash your hair less than usual

Do not wash your hair until it feels greasy and dirty. It is normal to wash your hair two or three times a week in this type of weather.

4) First Dry your hair then go out

Going out with wet or even damp hair can cause breakage. Aside from the obvious risk of freezing, your hair will be cold, and since cold expands it can weaken the hair causing damage. If you stick to morning showers and have a hard time getting your hair completely dry before heading out the door, consider washing your hair in the evening so you know it will be completely dry by the next day.

5) Avoid Heat Styling

Blow out, straighten, and curly are the attractive heat styling. But as beautiful as these methods are, they are also harmful to hairs. The heat of these devices swallows the moisture and creatinine of your hair. Reconcile with your natural hairstyle. Curly or straight hair is very beautiful. Experience simple ways for hairstyles like braid hair buns and ponytails.

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6) Pay Attention to Your Nutrition

A healthy lifestyle has a very important role in having beautiful hair. So, pay attention a lot to the foods you eat. Because hydration starts from within, and drinking enough water helps energize and encourage hair growth from root to tip. It also stimulates a healthier scalp, preventing scalp problems like dryness, itchiness, or dandruff during the winter. In addition, put cooked meats & chicken, seafood, fruits, and vegetables in your diet.

7) Don't Wear Wool Hats

Although warm and woolen clothes are very popular for cold weather, they are not compatible with hair. Woolen clothes cause the hair to stand up due to static electricity and cause dryness and brittleness of the hair.

So, don't wear a woolen hat. Instead, first, cover your hair with a soft and silk scarf or hat and then put your woolen hat on your head.

8) Oils Therapy as Traditional Haircare

Oil therapy is traditional hair care. Warm-up one kind of oil or mixture of them such as that mentioned - Argan, Jojoba and etc - and massage your scalp and hair shaft gently. After 20 to 30 minutes, wash your hair as usual. If you have very dry hair, do it once a week.

9) Conditioner and Hydration Hair Mask

Hair masks are quick yet highly potent, effective ways to provide your hair with tons of health benefits in less than 20 minutes. Think of hair masks like high powered hair conditioners, giving your hair benefits like softening and hydrating, boosting growth, adding shine, and even fighting off scalp infections.


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10) Lighten Hair Coloring Kills Your Hair

If you have dark hair and would like to change your hair to blonde or any lighter colors, do not do this for fall and winter! Dyeing and lightening the hair makes the hair shafts dry and brittle and causes the hair to become dehydrated.

As an alternative to dying your hair, try a hair glaze. This is a great way to tone your hair and warm the color up, without the permanency of traditional dyes. Hair glazes sit on top of the cuticle and coat the hair with added pigment, boosting your natural hair color while adding beautiful shine and gloss.

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