How To Style For The Christmas Party?

Christmas family style

The best, happiest, and memorable event of the year is coming. We’re so close to Christmas 2021 party. We take many photos with our family and friends near the decorated tree and gifts. Although we are in a restrictive situation due to the current situation in the world and we have to celebrate Christmas in a private gathering, this is not a reason to spend Christmas like the other normal days of living at home. It should be full of energy and happiness. So, the first thing that warmup our hearts in this cold weather is a gorgeous appearance. It should be essential to have a fashionable and beautiful style. But how to style for photoshoot and Holidays? What kind of garments is good for this time? Let’s see the style guide for the Christmas party.

Popular Colors for Christmas

Green, red, blue, white, gold or yellow and in addition classic purple are the most popular colors for Christmas. We usually use these colors for decoration and our style. Fortunately, these Christmassy colors are very proper for all skin tones. Knee-length skirt till midi skirt size in red color is very perfect with a green or white top. If you don’t like skirts, you can replace different types of pants.

Christmas Style

Buffalo Check & Tartan are one of the most famous and well-known patterns for Christmas. Wearing these patterns with other family members or your partner will increase the attractiveness of your souvenir photos.

Christmas Family photoshoot

Casual Not Formal

Christmas party is a friendly party that we giving gifts to each other, eat foods, drink, and dance. So, we should be cozy and relax in a casual style. Don’t wear a Formal dress and tuxedo or even formal shoes like Platforms, Pump & Oxford Shoes! Also, avoid choosing layered styles, and don’t select too many items that make your style messy and slut.

A pleated skirt with a classic man collar shirt, blue jeans, and a red jumper for women, a Button-down collar shirt with straight chinos pants, sweater beside jeans are some samples for a casual style in Christmas.

Christmas 2021 trends

Natural Make-up and Fresh Skin for Christmas

Because of this situation that people can’t go out more often, two kinds of make-up has been becoming a trend. Natural make-up with fresh and healthy skin & the second one is a new makeup style with an emphasis on eyes that we have not seen before, such as neon eye shadows inside the eye corner or eyelashes with bright colors. This one is popular between bloggers and makeup artists that do it as a new style. So, I suggest keep natural and do easy and simple make-up for the Christmas party and photoshoot. Honestly, it will be better because you will not even have the trouble of reflecting light to make your makeup look better.

Cammie Carter, beauty vlogger on YouTube, tells us how to do a special classic and natural make-up for Christmas.

In addition, Christmassy makeup is another option for this event, which in turn is interesting and fun to make a memorable night. This one is based on green and red color that you can design Santa clause, snow, Christmas tree, or candy as eyeshadow.

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