Color of The Year 2021 | Hopeful & Strong

Color of The Year 2021

Pantone picked two colors Illuminating and Ultimate Gray as the color of the year 2021. But as usual, Pantone chooses the color of the year according to what is taking place in our global culture at a moment in time. So, what does 2021 mean in colors?

We saw a lot of different spectrums of these colors in the fashion runways of 2020 and it was predicted that one of the shades of these two colors would be introduced as the color of the year, but we did not expect both of them! Previously, only in 2016, two colors were introduced for the color of the year with Rose Quartz and Serenity blended together in the form of a gradient. Certainly, Pantone has its special reason for combining the two colors for 2021.

The year 2020 ended with all the goodies and bad things. The year 2020, with all the bitter events of illness, loneliness, and loss, in return good events such as improved health, virtual and internet interactions, which in turn are new and fresh for many, is a memorable year that will be remained in the history.

The hope of life, dynamism, and vitality are all things that we need nowadays so Pantone reminds us of these ones with Illuminating color. “PANTONE 13-0647: Illuminating, friendly and joyful, an optimistic yellow offering the promise of a sunny day.”

This situation and disease have forced all of us to experience more loneliness, and have limited visiting our friends and family. This made us know more about the value of our friends especially today when we need them emotionally more than ever. It’s enough for Pantone to introduce Ultimate Gray as a companion color to Illuminating. “PANTONE 17-5104: Ultimate Gray, quietly assuring and reliable gray encouraging composure.”

According to the company, these colors aren’t meant to stand alone; they must be presented together. They’re two independent colors that highlight how different elements come together to support one another. Firm and strong like a gray rock, hopeful and inspiring like the shining sun.

Gray is a neutral color that goes well with all colors. Combined with warmth and radiance like Illuminating, it becomes an incredibly attractive color combination that will be perfect for all skin tones.

Color of The Year on Runways

We saw the combination of these two colors in different shades in 2020 and the years before on the runway.

Left to Right: Off-White (Fall-2019), Coach (Fall-2020), Prada (Spring-2021)

color of the year 2021 on runways

Left to Right: Fendi (Fall-2020), Coach (Fall-2020), Dior (Fall-2021)

color of the year 2021 on runways

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