Top 7 Men’s Fashion Trends From Spring/Summer 2021 Collections

2021 fashion trends for men

We had a quick look at the summer/spring 2021 collections and find out the fashion trends for this year. So here I want to introduce the top 7 men’s fashion trends for spring/summer 2021. Comfortable and functional styles with a look at old fashions are common. Let’s see what you can wear to be a fashionable man.

Utility Fashion

Fashion is going to be more comfortable with emphasizing wearing clothes & accessories that are practical in addition to being stylish and provides for you with more convenience. Utility fashion born for this purpose.

Due to today’s lifestyle, we have to carry various items with us every day, such as mobile phones, credit cards, keys &, etc. Most of the men don’t like to carry additional heavy bags. So, a garment with having one or more pockets can be very valuable.

Utility fashion evolved in numerous applications into different clothing categories such as bottom-wear as cargo pants, sports jackets and safari jackets, shirts, knits, and especially utility vests. all of them are proper for all times and none of them are related to a particular season.

Left to Right: Ambush, A-Cold-Wall, Anderson

Utility Fashion men's fashion trends

Phone Lanyards Dangling

This trend is a kind of utility fashion. We saw the phone lanyards dangling in the early 2000s and now we are seeing them again.

While plenty of designers showed their male models rocking fanny packs and shoulder bags this season, Tom Ford took it one step further with chic smartphone lanyards dangling from the necks of almost half his models. The look is not only cool but convenient AF for anyone who tends to misplace their phone every five minutes. Except for Tom Ford, Balenciaga hung phone lanyards dangling around the necks of models too.

Left to Right: Balenciaga, Tom Ford, Balenciaga

Phone Lanyards Dangling

Bomber Jacket One of the Men’s Fashion Trends

Fashion trends sure do come back around, however, the bomber jacket seems to be one that, well, never actually went away.

Bomber jackets exploded like a bomb on the runways and were seen beyond our expectations.We can see all kinds of classic and minimalist bomber jackets in nylon and leather, up to all kinds of modern cuts with various collars in color trend 2021.

Left to Right: Ambush, Salvatore Ferragamo, Alexander McQueen

Bomber Jacket for Men's Fashion Trend

Sharp Acidic Colors

Pops of acid hue were shown on many of the runways in London, Paris, and Milan. These colors show the passion and excitement of spring and summer well, and if you have a happy and energetic personality, this color trend is perfect for you.

Shiny red and different shades of neon colors such as magenta, green and yellow have been seen in Salvatore Ferragamo, Fendi, and Versace as examples. Even we saw the combination of sharp colors with the colors of 2021.

Left to Right: Versace, Msgm, Fendi, Salvatore Ferragamo

Sharp Color Trends

1980s-Inspired Suits

Say “Hi” to oversized, 1980s-style suits. I think they would be very comfortable for the weather of spring & summer. They designed to be worn open and either as part of a suit or with casual items. Honestly, they are a smart choice to cover the extra weight which has been gained during the lockdown.

Left to Right: Bianca, Fendi, Fendi

1980s-Inspired Suits

Retro Vibe Pants

Even trendy men’s pants have a retro vibe. Folded crease in the waist, ultra-wide & exaggerated long pants are all vintage-inspired trousers from SS21 Fashion shows.

Some, like Emporio Armani, strongly resemble the retro atmosphere with these trousers and some of them have been designed extra-wide that it is easy to consider a pair of pants for two people. On the other hand, some brands, such as Gucci, have kept the same old and retro style of these pants.

Left to Right: Gucci, Berluti, Emporio-Armani

Retro Pants

Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts have returned with power as 2021 fashion trends. They are great for spring and summer. You can wear them with oversized coats of the ’80s and somehow wear Thom Browne style in your own style.

The key to wearing the Bermudas next summer is to pick a pair that finishes just above the knee and to make a statement with your footwear. Some white running sneakers worn with tube socks, for instance, or a pair of this season’s strongest dad sandals.

Left to Right: Gucci, Berluti, Lou Dalton

Bermuda Shorts for Men

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