The Most Beautiful & Functional Accessory Trends For 2021

Accesory Trend 2021

All we know accessories are as important as our garments. They complete our style and make it more functional. So, for being fashionable it’s important to know about accessory trends. Also, we had talked about the men’s & women’s fashion trends for this year.

Accessory trends for 2021 are more special than in previous years. Most of them, like Fendi water bottles, are designed with attention to functionality besides beauty.

In addition, it seems all fashion designers have inspired old fashion to design accessories for 2021 collections. Let’s see what are the old accessories which surprise us in 2021.

Water Bottles: Drink up!

Fashionable Water Bottles

From Left to Right: Alyx, Fendi, Jacquemus

We always hear we have to drink more water, especially when we are outdoor. But how many plastic bottles have been entered into nature by drinking water up to now? Sustainability doesn’t only entail recycled fabrics and making fewer products. One of the easiest ways for us to behave in a more environmentally friendly way is to give up single-use plastics. we should say thanks to Fendi, Givenchy & Alyx for their attention to saving nature. They have made water bottles and holders to help the transition go smoothly and stylishly.

Market Totes and Straw Bags

Market Totes and Straw Bags

From Left to Right: Valentino, Dior, Fendi.

The best carryall for all seasons in 2021 is humble and handmade. Anna Sui crafted her knit bags from recycled cotton T-shirts, while Valentino’s Pierpaolo Piccioli sent out a shoulder bag in macramé leather. Brave crafters can try to DIY their own versions, inspired by Christian Dior and The Row’s woven totes.

Pick up the Phone as an Accessory Trends

Lanyard phone case Accessory Trends

From Left to Right: Versace, Jacquemus, Chanel, Balmain.

Circling back to the celebration of functionality, what is more, functional in the digital landscape of 2021 than an easily accessible and equally chic lanyard phone case? Phone cases and lanyards are the granny chains of the forgetful, promising that you’ll never lose your phone somewhere between the kitchen, bedroom, and living room again—and that when you leave the house you have the number one accessory of the 21st century safely with you. Only one question: How quickly can new sizes of these cases go into production now that Apple has announced a mini iPhone?

Platform Sandals

Platform Sandals Trend

From Left to Right: Molly Goddard, Gabriela Hearst, Erdem, Altuzarra.

The sandals of next summer are somewhere between a chopine and a flatform, a shoe that is equally provocative and walkable. At Versace, we saw the lifted sandal in bright colors. At Altuzarra, they cross with an espadrille, while at Erdem they come in snakeskin and olive satin—demure or vampish, depending on how you style them. One thing is certain: platforms are high on the trend list this year.

Simplified, Medium-Size Bags

anti-It bags

From Left to Right: Peter Do, Louis Vuitton, Burberry.

Minimalists will appreciate no-nonsense purses from Hermès, Prada, and Peter Do in collaboration with Medea. In simple colors—black, white, red—and classic silhouettes, these are anti-It bags. That’s an appealing idea for the aesthetes out there building lasting wardrobes that don’t bend to trends.

Face Masks To Match Your Outfit

Stylish Face Masks

From Left to Right: Imitation of Christ, Marine Serre, Rick Owens, Anna Sui.

Let’s face it, we’re probably going to be wearing face masks well into 2021 or 2022! At this point they’ve become a part of our everyday routine, so why not do it in style?

All we know the face mask is not going anywhere anytime soon. Finally, designers are putting their own spins on the must-have item, making them from coordinating materials and adding flourishes like filters, chains, and bows.

Currently, one of the trends emphasizes coordinating the mask with the outfit style. Say welcome to face mask as a new accessory trends!

Shoe Chains

Shoe Chains fashion trend

From Left to Right: Tom Ford, Victoria Beckham, No.21, Versace.

Ever tried accessorizing your accessory with more accessories? Chain necklaces have made a resurgence in recent years, and not just for jewelry purposes. Metal detailing on footwear was all over the runway last season. Next year, plan on attaching this shiny accouterment to your favorite pair of heels. Think of it as another piece of gold or silver to add an extra cachet to your kicks. Runway examples of this include Victoria Beckham and Versace.

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