How To Have The Best & Sexiest Style With A White Shirt

Best Style With A White Shirt

If I ask you what is the most essential piece that you should have in the wardrobe, what will you answer? Certainly, you think about a versatile piece that is proper for all sizes, all body shapes, all ages, and a good choice for all styles and situations. Yes! A white shirt.

Style With A White Shirt - Hyuna White See-Through
Hyuna White See-Through Shirt

A white shirt works for warm and cool seasons alike because you can wear it with your favorite shorts, or even layer it under a sweater. Also, it can be worn day or night, with jeans, a pantsuit, or even a full skirt; your options are truly endless.

Likewise, with this endless capability, it may be a confusing piece to making a good style for different situations. Let’s see the best style ideas with the White Shirt.

Here I want to introduce several good ways for having a fashionable style with this useful garment.

White Shirt Style for Work

Surly comfortable clothes are necessary for work. What is the most convenient than a button-up/down shirt?


This shirt with dark blue jeans or black is the most popular style for work. In addition, we saw the button-down shirts on runways for spring/summer 2021.

Style With A White Shirt


If you want to be unique, try it with below knee, mid-calf and formal skirts in neutral or black color.


A black pleated skirt with a white shirt makes a classic style for the workplace.


Add a clutch and replace the pump with stiletto boots. the final look is perfect for a night or evening date.


Another way for making a stylish look for job, is wearing monochrome suit with this.


For a workplace or any formal appointment, it’s better to avoid warning and sharp colors, however, a monochrome suit with a white shirt can be a very lovely style for anywhere.

Casual Style with White Shirt

For a casual style absolutely, there is no limitation. The white shirt provides endless options to match with. Let’s see some of these ideas:


Of course, a white shirt looks chic when itโ€™s kept simple, but it also looks just as good when paired with a statement outfit. Choosing a Ganni leopard skirt or a floral skirt will make you look more eye-catching than imagined.

As you see Deepika Padukone looked stunning in a classic white shirt and an elegant hand printed Sabyasachi floral skirt during the promotions of her newly released film โ€œPadmaavatโ€.


This is such a cool modern way to style a white shirt – especially oversized ones – with belts or corset tops.


Big statement belts bring a lot of balance to the look. Layering tops and corsets on a white shirt are also really popular these days. It’s something to try when you want to add something interesting to your look.


For daytime, pair an oversize white blouse with long black leggings. Play up the look with polished accessories, like a beret and brogues.


Crop tops are a bold trend nowadays. adding an oversized shirt over the tops gives them a whole new lease of life. High-waisted trousers are the key to wearing them.


Also, you can wear a crop top over the white shirt. This is a fresh way for modern style.


Wide legs trousers have come back as a popular trend in 2021. if you want to be fashionable, don’t miss wearing wide trousers with a white shirt. Whether you wear this to work, brunch, or as a sleek evening look, youโ€™ll wear this duo on repeat for any occasion.


And the last idea, which I really fall in love with, is wearing a button-down shirt under a sleeveless blazer or a long vest. By choosing different shoe styles, make this look ready for different situations.

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