How To Get Rid Of The Acne Mask | Maskne; The Common Skin Issue Nowadays

Acne Mask

Acne is a very irritating problem for everyone and most of us have experienced it. There are many reasons for acne. And now I want to talk about acne caused by using the face mask. Because of the current condition that forced us to wear face masks everywhere, this type of acne is very common and we hear the Maskne more than ever that appears under the face mask area, such as cheeks, nose, chin, and around the mouth.

The Reason of Maskne

The first step to getting rid of any type of acne is finding the causes. Maskne is a form of mechanical acne, which is commonly caused by heat and friction. When you wear a mask, the face and mask keep rubbing together. This action creates micro-tears on the skin and this is a good entrance for bacterias. Then friction and irritation, heat, oils from the skin, and sweat create a good condition for bacterias to grow and cause redness, inflammation, and infection which then drive the acne process. In addition, acne mask is absolutely worse during the summer months as the increased oil production in our pores creates the ideal environment for cysts.

How to Prevent Acne Mask

There are many easy ways to prevent the acne mask. The basic ways are:

1) Pick up a new mask daily. Or wash the face mask after each use if it is reusable & washable. It’s better to wash with a sort of dye-free fragrance product. Because there is a lot of heavily scented products in most laundry detergent that can cause more irritation.

2) Replace the contaminated mask with a new one after one to two hours. So, always have a clean or new mask with you.

3) Limit the amount of makeup on your face.

4) When you get home and take off your mask, make sure to wash your face with a mild cleanser suitable for your skin type.

5) Moisturize the skin regularly. Many people with acne or redness are hesitant to moisturize and think that will break out more. If you have dry skin, you have compromised the skin barrier and will be more prone to breaking out and having sensitive skin irritation.

6) Do a daily skincare routine seriously and avoid overlay harsh exfoliants.

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WARNING: These steps are so easier than enduring the pain of a viral respiratory infection. So, wear the face mask certainly.

How to Get Rid of the Acne Mask

When breakouts happen, the main challenge is how to get rid of this. Now that you know the cause of acne and its type, these methods are useful for treating acne masks.

1) Use gentle exfoliators once a week. Exfoliation opens the cysts and prevents clogging of the skin pores. Also, it prepares the skin to breathe, get medical treatment and nourishment. It’s important to wash your face with a cleanser after any exfoliation.

2) Spot treatments can help zap acne and reveal clear shining skin. Look for spot treatments with one or more of these ingredients: Salicylic acid, Sulfur, Zinc, 2.5% benzoyl peroxide.

Acne spot treatments tend to be very drying. Use them gradually to help blast blemishes and prevent future pimples.

3- Use homemade anti-acne and anti-inflammatory masks. Aloe, turmeric, honey, tea tree oil, and cucumber are the most popular items for this kind of homemade mask.

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If you’re doing all of this and aren’t seeing any improvement in your acne, particularly when you get those deep, throbbing cystic suckers, make an appointment with a dermatologist. Usually, they give you stronger treatments like topical antibiotics that will help the inflammation.

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