Matrix 4 Is Coming And Proves Again Keanu Reeves’ Styles Are Inspired By Neo

Keanu Reeves' Styles at Matrix-4

The first poster for The Matrix Resurrections has been revealed on the website for the upcoming movie and each look gives a unique teaser for the upcoming film. The fourth Matrix film will see Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss return in their iconic roles of Neo and Trinity, with Jada Pinkett Smith also set to return as Niobe from the original trilogy. Watchmen star Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is also set to appear, possibly as a young version of Laurence Fishburne’s Morpheus, the one to bring Neo into the matrix. Neil Patrick Harris, Jonathan Groff, Priyanka Chopra, Jessica Henwick, and Christina Ricci are also set to appear.

According to footage of The Matrix Resurrections from CinemaCon, Harris will play a therapist to Neo in the matrix. The footage also revealed that Neo may not know who he is when he appears back in the simulation, with one scene showing him reuniting with Trinity in a moment of unknown familiarity. With The Matrix Resurrections just a few months out from its December release, Warner Bros. is gearing up to promote the film and although a trailer hasn’t been released yet, new teasers have been unveiled.
Many Matrix fans are happy and excited about the arrival of The Matrix Resurrections, and the released teasers add to the excitement with unpredictable events.

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In addition to recalling the enjoyable memories of the Matrix movie series, the Matrix 4 trailer recalls Neo’s style has affected the player, Keanu Reeves’s style.

When we hear about Neo at Matrix, we immediately imagine a person in a black monochrome style with a trench coat, a simple shirt, and sturdy boots. it’s obvious we can find a lot of similarities with the formal and casual styles of The Devil’s Advocate’s star.

It can be said certainly, simple black shirts are one of the favorite items of this actor. He always wears this item without any concern for formal to casual and street styles.
Let’s see what styles from Keanu prove he is still the best actor for the role of Thomas Anderson in The Matrix.

At the MTV Movie Awards, 1992

Keanu’s always been the king of putting a casual spin on suiting. Throughout the late 80s and early 90s, he layered his tailoring over polo tees, cashmere sweaters, jersey henleys, chunky knits, and of course, his signature hiking boots. Wearing a classic black shirt and this belt, he sent signals to accept the role of Neo in the following years.

Keanu Reeves Outfit

The Constantine Premiere at the Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles, 2005

Keanu’s Style for the Cloud Atlas Film Premiere in 2012

At a Film Screening in Paris, 2016

This is the quintessential Matrix star fit of the 2010s. Seriously, conjure the likeness of Keanu in your mind’s eye and this is likely what he’s wearing: a black suit, shallow V-neck tee, and some iteration of brown suede footwear. It’s not only Keanu’s current favorite outfit, it’s the culmination of a formula he’s been perfecting over the course of three decades.

Keanu Reeves Outside of Jimmy Fallon Studios, 2017

Saint Laurent Menswear Fashion show, 2019

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