9 Popular Hues For The Fall 2021 Color Trend

Fall 2021 Color Trend

Before we need to talk about fall and winter trends, it is better to talk about fall 2021 colors. You may have had the experience of skipping a unique design, but if a color catches your eye, you will never pass it!

Among the fall 2021 color palette, you’ll find a lot of different shades of all colors, but some of them have been seen more on the Runways. So we should expect to see those colors in fall 2021 more than the other shades.

From neutral and nude colors to sharp and bright colors, classic colors to pastel colors we will see all in the fall. Maybe it’s because designers are looking to the Great Outdoors. I guess they’ve wanted to make all happy with their favorite colors, after a while that everyone can go out.

Let’s take a look at the major color trends for winter and fall. See if you already have some of these in your closet – or whether there’s anything you want to add.

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Army Green and Khakis

Many designers took military inspiration for their looks. You can see that from the olive greens and khakis above which would traditionally be used in military uniforms. The shades were reimagined in patent leather jackets, mini dresses, and cool tie-dye prints.



Christian Dior-Fall-2021


Classic Red

There is no designer who ignores the sexy color red. Fire red, Mandarina, or Cherry? What does it matter? Any kind of red is enough to warm up in the fall





Bright Yellow; Warm Up the Fall

If you want to add a little sunshine to your outfits, then how about yellow? You should opt for a yellow coat, a yellow cozy sweater or maybe a pair of yellow shoes.

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Sergio Hudson-RTWFall-2021

Pastel Pink

What a romantic trend! You may say this color is vernal and estival, but what is wrong with enjoying it in fall and winter? Balmain Overcoat and pink suit with wide pants from Zimmermann show the beauty of this color for fall and winter 2021 styles.


Marques Almeida-Fall-2021

Angel Chen-Fall-2021


Navy Blue

We saw black monochrome style so much in Fall/Winter 2021 Collections. But if you don’t like this too dark color, this fall, Navy Blue is the new black! This distinctive blue tone sauntered down the catwalk in dresses, puffers, and of course denim.

Christian Dior-Fall 2021

Marques Almeida-Fall-2021


Lilac as a Cool Fall 2021 Color

Expect to see this soft purple on dresses, purses, skirts, and tops this fall and beyond. As luck would have it, lavender pairs well with both of our Pantone Colors of the Year, Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray, so if you invested in these 2021-centric color trends, you’re one step ahead.


Angel Chen-Fall-2021

Gray & Silver

Some designers chose to pair silver with gray. I think this pairing enhances the charm of both colors. Enjoy combining these two colors on everyday staples like pleated skirts, blazers, and cable knits.


Christian Dior-Fall 2021


Beige; for a Classic Outerwear

Beige appeared with great power in the most of fall 2021 collections. If you’re unconvinced by beige as a trend, why not opt for a classic outerwear item or accessory and pair it with other prints and colors. Beige is a good color to set with the other fall 2021 color trends. It can definitely be very stylish and sophisticated.



Off White-Fall-2021

Mint for a Fresh Breath

Like blush Pink, Mint as a Pastel may traditionally be seen as a spring and summer trend, however, there were many designers who opted for a subtle minty shade of green as fall 2021 color. Mint green is the perfect choice for the up-and-coming season.

Mint fashion is everywhere, from accessories to clothing and makeup to nail polish. Flattering on almost all skin tones and a great match with peach, white, black, beige, and navy.

Angel Chen-Fall-2021

Marques Almeida-Fall-2021


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